Voice of victims.

VOICE OF victims

I also desire to capture inches of this world,

In my innocent shining eyes.

Let me expand my wings.

I also want to inscribe about this world,

With my small sharp floral printed pencil.

Let me learn about it.


I also crave to create melodic waves

through my metallic stringed guitar.

Let me perceive the sounds of chirping birds.


Let me sense the sounds of falling water.

Flowing through the edges of precipice.

Let me feel the ripple created on the lake.

Due to the effect of a small bumpy stone.


I am an enclosed bud,

Let me blossom into an enchanting flower,

I will add a new splendor,

in this lovely, graceful world.

I will add my cologne,

In this fragranced world.


Don’t cut my wings.

Don’t crush my petals,

Don’t crack the strings of my guitar,

Don’t break the tip of my pencil.

One day,

I will confront you,

One day,

I will ask you,

What was my fault?

One day, you have to answer.

What was my mistake?





 Dedicated to the innocent children who lost their lives of the  deadly terrorist attacks.


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