In my dream



Sky is a bit clearer now,

Moon is trying to confirm its existence,

by slightly hovering itself from,

behind the veils of cloud.

White compact florescent lights,

from the bulbs repeatedly located at,

the corners of lawn are serving as,

the lodestar of my path in absence of stars.

We both are standing,

in front of each other.

The color of my face is changing,

with every passing second,

the silence is remarkable.

His cheeks are glistened

because of slightly drizzling rain droplets.

Squally wind softened and

converted the intense weather.

into a pacifying one.

I am surprised.

I am dazed.

A subdued voice,


that was enough to halt that choking silence,

And to make me realize,

I can never see you here.

You are within me,


I can’t be with you.








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