On the dark still night,
Rain is pouring heavily,

Everything has washed now,
My wooden brown chair,
My whole body and black hair,

Still one thing is dry in me,

Which cant be washed,
Which cant be eliminated,

Which cant be ruled out,
They are my beautiful memory,

Memories from my childhood,

Memories from my day of innocence,

My days of playing madly,
My days of hiding mischievously,

Under the sun and clouds,
My days of running continuously,

Behind the cat and dogs,
My days of loud laughter,
My days of bright smile,

Memories are fading day by day,

Yet are becoming lovely day by day.


Coffee break.


Bitter flavor,tumblr_na2agpv2AK1s0r7tqo1_500

juicy crisp,

Refreshing taste,

Chocolaty touch,

Spills over my brain,

In a coffee break.

Jammed moments,

Lost memories,
Of ice-cold days,
Of rainy days,
of stressed days.
Are moving again,

Around me, Inside me.
Going to have,
One more break,

And then will cherish,

Those dates,

Which I hankered to live,

Again and again.



Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 2.03.08 PM

What is the cost of happiness?
What amount we have to pay to purchase happiness?

I asked this to a child.

Give me a buck and I will be happy,
My balloons of every hue and shade,
Will ramble in the sky,
Will watch them and my mind will be full of joy.

Give me two bucks,
I will get my darling blueberry cheesecake,

First I will lick them,
They will melt in my watery mouth,
Will taste them and my mind will be happy.

Can any one pretend that happiness can come,

In less than two three bucks?
Can any one believe that happiness can come,

With balloons, cheese and cakes?
Yes, why not?
It is we, who have raised our expectations,
It is we, who don’t have any limitations,

Otherwise happiness can come in less than a buck.

Decorate your lips,
With an effortless sparking smile,

Feel it and you will be happy,

As happiness is without cost, just free,
Only for those,
Who can feel it.

School days.


The days, which we hold dear,

Those days were only hilarious with no fear.

The sounds we loved,
Of buses and vans,
Of morning prayers,
Of teachers reproof’s.
Whenever it serenely rains,
These sound echoes in my brain.

The spacious green lawn,

With the see saw and fawn,

Multitude of students,

Roving with full excitement,

Boogying with much gratification.

Classes with black boards with white letters, T

he diminutive dust of chalk still splatters,

In my treasured reminiscence and soul,

The knockouts, which we played foul.

The canteen, library and the laboratories,

Fills my mind with so many memories,

Friends, teachers and classmates,


Are left behind in this life tests,
I always desired to grow up,
After I apprehended growing up means separation with


I thought it was better to be small

Like a tyke who cries at the time of going to school.


Thank you Note. To a father from her little daughter.

Thank you Note.
To a father from her little daughter.

I posted a poem dedicated to my mother who is not with me. She left this world even before the completion of my first birthday. I don’t know the affection of mothers- I can only imagine those feelings. In all those past years,my father supported me just like a pillar which supports a building and today even he is not with me. He gave me everything but the most precious and cherished asset for me is his memories, sweet memories of all those days which is now history. I am just a student, I can’t build any hospital, institute or memorials like The Taj Mahal for him. Yes, I can only write for him. And this post is for him, only for him. A thank you note.
Thank you for holding my fingers when I was about to trip in my innocence days,

Thank you for scolding me when I was about to perform mistakes in my childhood days,

Thank you for making me feel that this world is a beautiful place to live in,

Thank you for making me realize that I am a lovely girl,

Thank you for dedicating your life to me,

Thank you for everything you did for me.

Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for making me.
Thank you!



A love that was not reciprocated,
A romance that was unrequited,
You abandoned me in the warm deserts,
I envisage how openly you missed me,
I can receive your windswept voice that calls me back, These things are just mirage, my phantasm.
An illusion that is slaying me,
A hidden pain that congests me.
On that tropical sweltering beach,
I asked nothing but your support,
I yelled to mend all the broken fences,
But there was silence and a deep taciturnity.
You breathed just as quietly, and left.
That breath stifled me,
That breath choked me.


She is my world- Dedicated to my mother.



The biggest source of strength to a child is his/ her mother.

The biggest source of strength to a child is his/ her mother.

For me,
She is just like winter’s sun,

That lowers the shivering of

The numb fingers and parched skin.

For me,
She is a chilled bottle,
That can quench my thirst,
In the frantic sun.
For me, she is the moonlight,

Which traverse in the sky,
In the dark,
To provide radiance to others.

For me

she is the amaranthine,

Which never fades,
And for me, she is,
The woman I always met in
my drifting reveries.